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Grooming Services and Prices

We welcome all breeds, all sizes, nervous and temperamental. Our groomers are fully trained, and will indulge your dog in the best cleansing products, grooming tools and state of the art technology. A well groomed dog is a happy dog

All our grooms will include the following ...

Bathing and Drying

All our dogs are carefully hand dried and supervised throughout the whole procedure


Brushing is an essential part of the grooming process, brushing your dog, stimulates the skin and removes any dead coat whilst improving the coat texture and preparing your dogs coat for clipping.

De Matting

De Matting is not always necessary but if required can be done by hand using a process of grooming tools but some coats if badly matted may need shaving, this will all be discussed with your dogs groomer prior to the start of the grooming process.

Clipping & finishing

We will endeavour to clip and finish coats to the most practical and aesthetically pleasing style for you and your dog based on our own knowledge, however if you have a particular style in mind or have special requirements our groomers are on hand to discuss this with you prior to your dogs groom

Eyes & Ears cleaned

We will gently clean the eyes, ears and pluck the hair using high quality products

Nails Trimmed

Every visit we will check your dogs nails

Doggie Cologne

Will be applied at the end of the grooming session (also available to purchase)

Puppy Groom
It is important for your dog to experience grooming from a young age whether they have a quick brush & wash, or a full groom. The process of your puppy meeting their groomer and having a friendly and trusting experience makes any future trips to the groomer a pleasant one.


All pricing is dependant upon breed and condition of dogs coat upon arrival. Please disclose the condition of your dogs coat so that we may schedule your appointment accordingly.

We also offer convenient, timesaving pick-up and delivery of your dog in our customised Room2Groom van.

We require 24 hours notice if an appointment needs to be cancelled. Room2Groom reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee payable before further appointments can be booked.

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